At our core, we are on a mission to inspire and educate the next generation of artists, storytellers, technologists and designers. This is StarSeed A&T. The art school of the future…..NOW!





Tilt Brush

Tilt Brush lets you paint in 3D space with virtual reality. Your room is your canvas. Your palette is your imagination. The possibilities are endless.


Spark AR

Use Spark AR Studio to build stunning creative augmented reality experiences.



Reimagine reality. Whatever you dream up, you can do it in Photoshop, the world's best imaging and graphic design software. Edit and enhance photos, illustrations, and 3D artwork. Edit videos and design websites.



Learn how to brand yourself and make money with your artwork. Be your own boss.


Our Mission

Imagine if the next great artist is a youth that lives on your block. Yet his/her potential is out of reach because that artist has never been exposed to his/her tools. We don’t want to let that happen. Not on OUR block!

The Mission

StarSeed is a NYC based pop-up workshop that teaches marketable technology and design skills to young adults in underserved communities. We strongly believe that the technology and design sector will be stronger if talent from ALL backgrounds is deeply-seated into the development of the products and companies of the future. With today’s rapidly changing digital workplace, we are committed to preparing the designers of tomorrow.




Paul Deo

Paul Deo is a visionary artist revolutionizing the integration of spirit and technology. Growing up between New York City and New Orleans, he found early inspiration in the Apollo Theater performances of soulful artists and dancing in the streets to the second line parades of New Orleans, absorbing the rich flavors of both cultures. His psychedelic historical paintings and murals illuminate many areas throughout NYC. In 2019 New York Magazine voted his renowned, mixed media mural, “Planet Harlem” as one of New York City’s Best Places to Visit. 

From painting street gang jackets as a 7-year-old to his current work designing in 3D virtual reality space, Deo puts his heart and soul into everything he does. With a degree in Information Technology, he has continued to explore the connections between left and right brain to tap into infinite creative potential. Inspired by his work with refugee orphans from Guatemala and Honduras, he developed MyndTeam, an Intelligent Personal Assistant which allows users to create personalized teams of advisers in cyberspace. 

As Artist in Residence at Harvard University, Paul worked with students and local Native American tribes to merge an understanding, teamed with Augmented Pictures and created the first augmented reality mural on the campus. In 2019, he was honored to be selected by visionary director Spike Lee to paint the official mural for his 30th Anniversary celebration of the film, “Do The Right Thing.” 

Through his StuDeo company, Paul is known for sparking inspiration with his uplifting and energetic art teaching style. His students include incarcerated, at risk high school teens, and young people from elementary to college level. Most recently, he received the prestigious Carnegie Hall NeON Arts Grant and used it to start StarSeed Art and Technology, digital arts entrepreneur school. Through StarSeed A&T and StuDeo, Paul continues to embody his vision of opening the doors to the infinite potential of digital technologies and imagination to heal, entertain and earn money.


Will Roberts

Will Roberts is the Founder and Creative Director at Augmented Pictures, a NYC based immersive design and animation studio. Will is on a mission to create worlds that are both artfully crafted and inspirational. Worlds that spark a sense of wonder and adventure. Above all, he wants to use augmented and virtual reality to effect culture in a positive way.

As a director, VR artist, and immersive designer, his longtime interest has been exploring the intersection between technology, folklore, and the human experience. Roberts’ personal work fuses a highly stylized 3D aesthetic with Afrofuturist concepts, ultimately creating tangible immersive designs and stories that celebrate the cultures of marginalized populations. While earning an MFA in 3D Animation and Sound Art, Roberts got his start in VR as a researcher, entrepreneur, and virtual world builder in the popular VR platform “SecondLife.”

For over a decade, Roberts has been generating characters and environments in the film, publishing, and technology industry. Outside of his illusory creations, Roberts is passionate about real world activities such as documenting the lives of Liberian war orphans, founding the “Virtual Art Collective” or leading “L.I.F.T” (Learn It For Tomorrow), a youth empowerment workshop. His perspective on design and virtual world building is heavily influenced by his everyday encounters and connections. Virtual and augmented reality may be his vehicle, but connecting and giving back to heritage and culture is his ultimate purpose.



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